Build and Grow Your Apps, Not Your Infrastructure
You need a reliable infrastructure—from the network to the data center—along with the experts to support it every second of every day. Your SaaS Hosting Solution will be just that and nothing less. Partnering with SaaS providers for more than a decade, we have the unmatched experience that comes with hosting more of them than any other provider. No matter how many users you have or the complexity of your application, we can help you grow while remaining secure and agile. It doesn't matter if you're a high-growth startup, an ISV dipping your toes into SaaS for the first time or a well-established SaaS provider—we have the tools, people and experience you need to be to be successful. And a lot of that success comes from your app always being available. So we build your support team—complete with Network Security, Virtualization and Architecture Planning experts—and your infrastructure to keep you up and running at all times. All you have to worry about is the app and nothing else.
Making the SaaS Jump
The possible SaaS-ification of your product brings up a lot of questions The one that gets scary is, "How do we do it?" Re-architecting the software is something you can handle, even if it is a pain. The hardware running it gets tricky though. You don't want to be responsible for it, but you know how important it is to the success of your app. In other words, you want a hosting provider you can trust your business with. When you talk with hosting providers, be sure they have a lot of experience with complex SaaS configurations, clear and fair uptime guarantees and a proven history of exceptional uptime. If they can't deliver all of the above, move along. The risk is too high.
Get Out the Calculator First
Even if you don't mind managing your infrastructure in-house, that doesn't necessarily mean you should. Forget about the distraction from the core of your business that it can create. From a budget perspective it can be a drain any way you look at it. Fire up a spreadsheet and start crunching the numbers. You'll need to include buying servers, security devices, network equipment and leasing data center space, and then factor in the time and people that will be responsible for it all. Very rarely do the numbers add up in favor of doing it yourself. And at the end of the day, has all the effort given your business a competitive advantage?
Ready for Any Application
One of the reasons businesses often run their SaaS apps on dedicated hardware is the application itself. Or how the app is written, to be more accurate. Custom apps often require their infrastructure to be architected in specific ways to run optimally. So unless you're eager to re-architect your app, managed hosting on dedicated gear is likely the outsourcing option that will make the most sense for you.